For the fourth year in a row, Beardmore Subaru has received the honor of being a Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer since 2016. Subaru must recognize a dealership for their commitment to reducing their negative impact on the Earth to obtain this distinction. Each candidate must offer energy-efficient facilities, proper water conservation, eco-friendly waste management, recycling systems, and much more. Our Omaha, NE Subaru dealership is proud to have attained this distinction for the fourth year running, and we invite you to see what our eco-friendly Subaru retailer can do for you. Beardmore Subaru is less than 15 minutes outside Omaha, NE in Bellevue.

Doing Our Part to Help the Earth

While some might not expect car companies to put their best eco-friendly foot forward, Subaru dealerships aim to set a better example. Subaru's Eco-Friendly Retailer Program rewards dealerships who commit themselves to represent the brand best in environmentally-savvy initiatives. Our Bellevue, NE Subaru store near Papillion wants to create a shining example of what a business can do to reduce their negative impact and help promote a cleaner Earth. As part of this program, Beardmore Subaru near Plattsmouth, NE meets all qualifications set by the Subaru brand:

  • Energy Efficiency: We cut power consumption by using technology like occupancy sensors, LED lighting, programmable thermostats, and more.
  • Water Conservation: All of our faucets and toilets are low-flow to save water and our facility is built on water-efficient landscaping.
  • Recycling: This should be a no-brainer, but we work to divert the number of waste products that go to landfills each year.
  • Waste Management: Once certain car parts, like batteries, tires, oil, and coolant degrade, they can be extremely hazardous if not disposed of properly. We properly dispose of all waste products in an eco-friendly matter, ensuring anything which can get reused gets recycled.
  • Community Involvement: We work to set an example for other dealerships and local businesses to follow. To that end, we participate in outreach and charity programs aimed at environmental justice and eco-friendly initiatives.
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    Beardmore Subaru aims to continue this commitment to our Earth every day we do business with our community. See what we're all about and schedule a test drive at our dealership in Bellevue, located less than 20 minutes outside of Council Bluffs, IA. We look forward to meeting you!