We know that winter in Bellevue is nothing to sneeze at, so that's why we have top-of-the-line tires available at our tire center. If you plan to only bring out your vehicle when there is light snowfall, then all-season tires might work just fine. However, if you're an everyday driver and want the confidence to drive in any type of snow conditions, there's no substitute for winter tires.

When you consider winter tires, you may be thinking that you will only use them for a couple months and then have them collecting dust the rest of the year, so what's the point? Winter tires are more of an investment in your long-term driving capabilities. With winter tires, you will have tires that are not getting worn year-round like all-season tires.

With winter tires mounted, you will be prepared for whatever winter can throw at you. Winter tires are more than just a tread pattern. They are engineered with a soft rubber compound that improves traction and stopping abilities on snow and ice while decreasing sliding while cornering.

Unlike summer and all-season tires' rubber composition, winter tires aren't affected in the same way and won’t harden in freezing temperatures the same way. This allows the winter tires to remain pliable for increased traction and control.

You may be thinking, I have a Subaru model with all-wheel drive, why do I need winter tires? While the Subaru model's all-wheel drive will likely perform admirably, there are certain conditions that the system can't overcome with summer or all-season tires. However, with winter tires and the all-wheel drive system working together, you have a combination that is ready for even the most difficult winter conditions.

Don't put off getting winter tires until it's too late and winter boxes you in. Come to our location in Bellevue and we can set you up with winter tires that will keep you in control and confident this winter.

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