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Here at Beardmore Subaru, our main priority is to always exceed the expectations of our customers when they wisely choose to do business with us here in Bellevue, NE.  Whether you are looking for an adventurous new Subaru model or seeking a pristine pre-owned vehicle, our finance department is always here to help you out as much as possible.

And before you even step foot through the doors of dealership, you can effortlessly receive the True Market Value® of your car by simply using the awesome resource here on this page! Working with the automotive-appraisal experts over at Edmunds, it will take only a few easy steps for you to instantly receive the value and worth of your vehicle in the modern market.


Are You Wondering What Your Current Car, SUV or Pickup Truck is Worth?


Regardless of whether you are interested in treating yourself to your next vehicle soon, or perhaps you are more interested in getting your hands on some extra cash, you really ought to take advantage of this clever online tool that we offer and powered by Edmunds. Knowing what your ride is worth will certainly be extremely helpful as you are preparing to make a purchase for another vehicle!

So why not make things more convenient for yourself?

All you have to do is follow the quick and easy instructions here on this form, and the process can be completed in just minutes. You'll be asked to tell us some basic information about the car in question, things such as the make, model, year, style, condition, color and mileage. And just like that, the True Market Value® for your cherished vehicle will be presented to you!

Give us a call or stop by Beardmore Subaru today if you have any questions about your appraisal.

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