Springtime Subaru Service At Beardmore Subaru

It is safe to say that drivers across Omaha, NE are glad to see all signs of winter melting away and warmer weather is quickly returning. Springtime is the perfect time to take care of a few cleaning items around the house. Springtime is also a great time to bring your Subaru in for service at Beardmore Subaru to ensure safe and reliable performance for many miles to come.

While Subaru vehicles can easily take on heavy winter storms and enjoy playing in the snow, winter is very hard on your Subaru. The cold temperatures are hard on your battery and engine and if it is really cold can freeze your gas lines. While road salt is corrosive and can damage your paint and undercarriage. But pothole can really do a number on your Subaru. Even if we do our best to avoid small craters in the street we still manage to hit a number of potholes each winter. Thankfully our trained team of Subaru certified technicians are here to keep your Subaru performing at is best for many miles to come.

There are a number of springtime services that your Subaru may need like an oil changed or replacing your brakes. But it is vital that you have your tires rotated and swapped over if you have snow tires. Rotating your tires will ensure even tread wear and provide you with maximum grip on the road. Rotating your tires is when our technicians change the location of each tire and in doing so they realign your wheels. Subaru recommends that Omaha drivers have their tires rotated roughly ever 6-8,000-miles; which is also how often you should have your oil changed. Regularly rotating your tires is one easy way to keep your Subaru performing at its best for the long road ahead.

Give us a call today to set up a time to get your Subaru in for service. You can also make an appointment online at your earliest convenience and don't forget to browse our monthly specials to see how much you can save on your next visit to our service center.

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