Top Tips for Safely and Quickly Defrosting Your Subaru Windshield This Winter

We've already had our first taste of winter weather, so there's no better time than the present to prepare for those cold months ahead. We asked the folks in our Service Center for their top tips on defrosting the windshield on your Subaru in an efficient, smart way this winter, and they came up with these suggestions.

  • Purchase a de-icer spray from an auto parts store. Or, if you'd rather, you can create your own by combining a few drops of dish soap with rubbing alcohol into a clean spray bottle. Whichever approach you choose, just spray it on your frozen-over windshield and let it work for a couple of minutes. Then, use an ice scraper to remove any remaining ice.
  • An easy way to remove ice is to never let it settle on your windshield at all. Try placing a towel, sheet, or some cardboard over your dry windshield once you've finished driving for the day. If the windshield is covered tightly enough, you should wake up to an ice-free windshield in the morning!
  • Use water. Yes, water. We all know that pouring boiling water over an iced-over windshield is a recipe for disaster, but using cool or lukewarm water will actually speed up the process of defrosting your windshield. It may take up to a gallon of water poured over your windshield to work, but then all you'll have to do is quickly scrape or wipe the ice away.

If you'd like to make sure that your Subaru is set to make it through the winter season, have the experts in our Service Center give it a thorough going-over. They'll make sure that all fluids are refreshed and topped off, that your belts and hoses are in good condition, and that your battery and lights are in proper working order.

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