Beardmore Subaru is Putting its Name on a New Event Center in Bellevue

As part of an agreement with the city of Bellevue, NE, our Beardmore Subaru parent company is helping the community build a wonderful new event center. As one of the longtime businesses here in Bellevue, it only makes sense that this state of the art facility shares our name, and we're looking forward to the opening of the Beardmore Event Center in the coming weeks.

With an investment into the construction by offering annual $500,000 payments across 10 years, our dealership family is helping the city provide a great space for events and conferences, while easing the burden of the taxpayers. This will be the largest event center in Sarpy County, with 18,000 square feet and space for 745 guests at a single event. Find the new event center at the Courtyard by Marriott at the north end of the Twin Creek development.

We proudly serve the community here at Beardmore Subaru, so come see what we have going on in terms of local events.

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